Your kitten has received its vaccinations and de-wormers appropriate and safe for its age, and you will receive its shot record. As this is a pet kitten, you will be mailed its registration upon proof of spay/neuter, generally accepted to be accomplished between 3 and 9 months old. We guarantee this kitten free from genetic/congenital illnesses for 1 year, with exception explained below. If there is a veterinarian-confirmed genetic/congenital problem, found within the year, that will end the kitten's life, we will replace the kitten with a similar (male, female, spotted, marbled) kitten from another litter at our discretion, and within a reasonable time frame. We will need a veterinarian's letter, and/or proof of necropsy. No cash refund.


This kitten is not to be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, shelter, research lab, or similar facility. If you are unable to keep this animal, I ask that you call me first for a possible waiting list contact looking for an older Bengal. The Bengal must stay indoors, and declawing is not permitted. There is no cash refund by me, AtlanticaBengals, or the contact. No guarantee (non-transferable) follows this kitten from your ownership.


You have 3 working days to get this kitten a health checkup. After 72 hours, we will not guarantee the purchase health of the kitten without it. We  use a 3 way vaccine (comprised of Panleukopenia, Feline Herpesvirus, Calcivirus) and, of course, a rabies vaccine at the appropriate age. We recommend Purevax brand.  Other vaccines may be discussed by your veterinarian if you have other cats in the house. Keep in mind, do not over vaccinate.


If you have other cats, you must quarantine this kitten for 2 weeks in an area where it can play, sleep and eat, use the litterbox in peace.


Again, please, keep your cat indoors, in fact, we insist upon it. It is a free prevention to keep disease away from your cat.


We are against declawing. The first knuckle is amputated.


Feel free to call us whenever your kitten is not performing 100%.


If Buyer or Seller commences with legal actions a result of this contract or sale, the Buyer agrees to the venue for such action shall take place in the State of North Carolina, in Craven County. Any legal fees incurred in upholding this contract, or filing of same, shall be the responsibility of the Buyer. This contract is legally binding, and extends Buyer to include all parties named within, family members and other interested parties.

By signing this contract, you, the original buyer, have read, discussed and comprehended the purposeful conditions of the seller/breeder, B. Williams Little and Wayne Little, D.B.A. Atlantica Bengals, for selling you this animal, and agree to the terms stated within this document. Any condition not met is just cause for the breeder to reclaim the pet in this contract.




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