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Bengalislandcat Winterberry

Our newest shiny button is this wonderful fellow from Bengalislandcats. A" huuuge" thank you to Donna Haynes for selecting this big beefy boy for our program. We are so excited to have this treasure in our home.

"Cabo" is everything we desire in a snow Bengal. His personality is so laid back he puts an old hound dog to shame.  He has this thick and plush coat that is drenched, drenched in glitter, transparent hair. In the sun, he dazzles.

His boning is dense and his profile has that exquisite wedge with a square jaw reminiscent of Charles Bronson.

Cabo's ears are small and placed well on his broad skull.

Those light blue eyes melt away any stress of the day when he looks at me. Totally has my heart. 



Caelum is our 2017 beautiful male, and we are so pleased Nial and Teri Thomson of Leopardsrealm Bengals trusted us with his future.


Caelum has a wow factor rosetted pattern, no rib bars, and a tight silky pelt that is so velvety you almost don't feel it!

His young body is totally muscular with great boning to support that, and promise more.

His personality is crazy funny, as he is quite vocal about letting the household know he is on the wheel.  Picking him up is awesome as he melts like buttah on your shoulder.  Caelum is a superior jumper, and knows no limits to his energy.

Most of all, those beautiful, wide awake, nocturnal eyes are stunning. He is the whole package of our Bengal vision.


Bearbrook  Poseidon of Atlantica 


Kevlar, our bullet proof feline, is our oldest male at 6 years old. Thank you to Aida Carini of Bearbrook Bengals and Abyssinians for this guy as a youngster. He  has the dense plush coat we love so much about Bengals, as well as clear background and dark  rosettes, a thick tail and black double necklace.

He has the cool personality of a stud cat with a kitten  attitude.  He stays in his perch, chillin' with his spayed girlfriend, until someone throws the wand around. It is game on!  He is quick to jump down and swat at the toy until  it is time for dinner.

He still lets Momma pick him up for quick snuggles, and a kiss or two, before his macheesmo kicks back on and he remembers he is a big  bad stud cat, not a toy.

Leopardsrealm Matisse of Atlantica

Aaah. Say hello to our pride and joy and  new color of Bengal. This is Matisse and she is a charcoal. T.I.C.A  calls her color a spotted brown tabby, for now. Once again, Nial and Teri Thomson of Leopardsrealm combined the right stuff and produced this stunning girl.  We are so lucky to have received her!

         Matisse is a 2017 baby, and, IMHO, well on her way to having one of the best confirmations of all my Bengals past and present.  What a gal! She has a solid long body, heavy bone, lovely high hips, and thick short tail. She moves like a leopard with swagger. She is alert and calculating. It is a lesson in feline  anatomy to watch her stalk a toy, or her fellow roommates.

     Matisse holds our hopes for new standards of excellence from Atlantica offspring, as well as  achieving the vision of the perfect Bengal that we interpret for their future in T.I.C.A  and C.F.A.






Bearbrook Avalonia of Atlantica

This is our girl, Avalon, who was born October 2016. I have Aida Carini of Bearbrook Bengals and Abyssinians to thank for this dynamo. She has a lovely dense pelt of various sized rosettes with a random pattern, a whited throat and partial whited  belly. She has nicely rounded eyes.


Avalon has an athletic build, slender and muscular, giving her added advantage over the other cats when jumping for wand toys. Her contortions in the air are impressive and entertaining.

I love Avalon's babyface as it forewarns of her kitten-like behavior. She is a cuddlebug, a huge talker, and animated.  She is quick to show you what is wrong with her world (empty bowl) and even faster to beat you to it once you start walking to it. She is easy to understand, and her demands are few. She is a heavy eater, and her nickname is now "Mrs. Bojangles" has she is known to steal chicken from your take out box.

She has been a wonderful mother, full of commands, apparently, to keep her young 'uns in line.  I couldn't ask for better.